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Isabella Miller is passionate about connecting people and communicating universal truth through storytelling. 

Four of Isabella’s short scripts have been adapted into short films including a drama about a high school girl coming out to her conservative family during the height of the 2020 summer lockdown and a sci-fi project about a robot who goes on a journey to find where she came from. She draws often from her experience moving frequently as a child to explore themes of interconnectedness and finding belonging after leaving what you know behind.


Isabella is passionate about environmentalism, mental health, and feminism. When she’s not doing creative work, she likes to spend time outdoors, practice martial arts, and give back to her community by teaching self-defense classes to women and girls.



Dodge College is No. 4 in The Hollywood Reporter's 2021 national rankings of film schools.

Course Work -

Documentary film making, short script workshops, feature screenwriting, series pitching, script coverage, sound design, episodic writing for TV, film history and analysis.

Let’s Work Together

Based in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego

Tel: 619 721 5467

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